MAC10 STUDIO is a Panamanian company dedicated to Architecture, Design and Consulting.

Founded by Aixa Caldera & Marco Celis, MAC10 focuses on commercial, residential, hospitality and public projects in the Private and Government sectors.

Our team of Architects guarantees a fast and accurate response to the needs and ideas of our clients.


The MAC10 STUDIO’s approach always starts from conceptualizing and effectively materializing solutions to the needs and ideas of our clients, through a consonant, planned and objective design process, using powerful digital tools and modern practices and theories.

All designs are developed in a collaborative environment, maintaining a balance between functionality, aesthetics, innovation, sustainability and culture.

A group of architects and collaborators with different backgrounds guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and the viability of the projects.

Regardless of the size of the work, all projects are welcome and approached with the same energy and commitment.